Performer Adam Yarian Bio

Adam Yarian studied at the University of Southern California (USC). At USC he majored in piano performance and studied both classical and jazz piano with Dr. Stewart Gordon and Dr. Dennis Thurmond respectively. He has been playing classical piano since 1995, and ragtime piano for almost as long. Adam has been fortunate to study under two remarkable classical teachers: Dr. Gary Dinn of Fort Washington, MD and Professor Reynaldo Reyes at Towson University. Both have encouraged and aided Adam in his ragtime studies.

Adam has competed in and won numerous classical and ragtime competitions, including the 1998 Maryland State Solo Competition, the 1999 Maryland State Concerto Competition, and the 1998-2000 Junior World Championship Old Time Piano Playing Competition in Decatur, Illinois. Since 2001, Adam has competed in the senior division in the Old Time Piano Playing Competition, finally winning in 2004 the coveted title "World Champion Old Time Piano Player."

Adam has also been a member of the internationally recognized Federal Focus Traditional Jazz Band since 1999, and traveled with them to New Orleans, England and The Hague.

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