Performer Frederick Hodges Bio

California native Frederick Hodges specializes in the piano music and popular songs of the ragtime era, the 1920s, and the 1930s. Classically trained and groomed for a career as a concert pianist, he was happily lured away from this path after he discovered a stack of 1920s sheet music in his grandmother's piano bench. Exposure to the rollicking rhythms of player pianos and 78-RPM phonograph records sealed his fate, and he set out to master the ragtime and novelty piano playing styles that had captivated him.

Frederick has displayed his unique piano playing and singing talents on stage, on television, and in Hollywood movies. He has had the honor of performing for stars of stage and screen, royalty, captains of industry, and even Tin Pan Alley composers. Recently, he has performed at the West Coast Ragtime Festival and the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival.

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