In Memoriam: Paul Affeldt (1931-2004)

By Bill Mitchell

Paul Affeldt, long-time benefactor of ragtime and jazz, passed away Feb. 23 in Ventura, California, at the age of 73. From 1960 to 1983 he was publisher and editor of Jazz Report, a magazine for collectors, musicians, and fans. (JR merged with The Mississippi Rag in 1983, and Paul became one of the associate editors of that publication.) During the Jazz Report years, he issued a series of LPs on his own label, Euphonic, named after his favorite rag. His first two LPs featured the playing of ragtime pioneer Brun Campbell. Subsequent Euphonic releases included Paul Lingle, David Thomas Roberts, Dave Jasen, Charlie Thompson, Knocky Parker, and several other pianists, including your editor.

Because Paul was a good friend of mine for over forty years, his son, Scott Affeldt, donated most of Paul's tapes, records, and jazz books to me. I am in the process of distributing them to worthy recipients. The Rose Leaf Ragtime Club circulating record and tape library will be receiving some of these materials.

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