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Like many of the ragtime societies in the U.S., the Rose Leaf Club is volunteer-based and runs on a not-for-profit basis. In keeping with the goals of our founder, P.J. Schmidt, we get together to share and play the music that we love. In other words, we're not in this for the money.

At the same time, we aim for all of our activities to be self sustaining. That's why we'd like you to place your ragtime-related advertisement on our site for a nominal fee. We offer several options for advertisers:

Banner Ads

These ads appear in the right or left column of our site. The minimum ad size is 122 pixels wide x 71 pixels high. Although the width of a banner ad cannot exceed 122 pixels, we can accommodate ads greater than 71 pixels in height.

Display Ads

If you have a larger ad to place, we offer display ad space in the body of our pages. An approximate size for a display ad would be 520 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.

Text Ads

You can also place a Google-style text ad with us. These ads appear in the right column of our pages and will have a maximum size of 122 pixels wide x 71 pixels high.

Affordable Rates

No matter what you'd like to advertise—a sheet music folio, your latest CD, ragtime event, announcement, etc., we're eager to partner with you. All traffic, ad clicks, referrer links and exit links are tracked and logged. With your advertiser's account information, you can log on to view the effectiveness of your ad and make modifications as necessary.

To obtain a rate and place your ad, please send a note our advertising manager.

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